Lost Dispatch dig release.jpg

Lost Dispatch

by Frank LoCrasto

released 14 June 2019

Frank LoCrasto - Pianos, Yamaha CP70, Fender Rhodes, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 4, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno 106, Arp Solina, Arp Odyssey, Micromoog, Yamaha DX7, Crumar Orchestrator, Farfisa Organ, Elka Organ, Steel Pans vst, Marimba vst, Percussion, Drum Programming
Robin MacMillan - Percussion, Drums, Roland Juno 106, Bobcat, Drum Programming
Bill Campbell - Percussion, Snare Drum & Timbales on Travelogue, La Victoria & Escapist
Al Street - Guitars on Travelogue, Secret Cove, Indira, La Victoria, Escapist & The Narrows
Ryan Scott - Guitar on Montego
Rich Hinman - Pedal Steel on Escapist
Mike LaValle - Bass on Secret Cove, Indira, Kalinago, Escapist & The Narrows
Jordan Brooks - Bass on Montego
Christina Courtin - Violin & Viola on La Victoria
Alex Sopp - Alto Flute & Bass Flute on Kalinago, La Victoria & Amazonia
Alec Spiegelman - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Flute on Secret Cove, La Victoria & The Narrows

The Islander & Lost Dispatch are improvised piano pieces

Composed & Arranged by Frank LoCrasto
Recorded by Frank LoCrasto & Robin MacMillan 2010 - 2018 in Garland, TX and Brooklyn, NY
Produced by Frank LoCrasto & Robin MacMillan
Mixed by Robin MacMillan
Artwork by Evan Crankshaw



by Frank LoCrasto

released 05 May 2015

Frank LoCrasto - Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Arp Odyssey, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Yamaha CS-60, Crumar Orchestrator, Roland Jupiter 4, Hammond M3, Hammond Aurora, Farfisa Professional, Yamaha YC-10, Acoustic Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Tom Ayres - Guitars (All songs except Sunset, Hope Street, & Hawaiian Church)
Josh Mease - Guitar (Hotels, Night People, Palms, Sci Fi)
Jordan Brooks - Bass (All songs except Sunset, Hope Street, & Hawaiian Church)
Brian Wolfe - Drums, Percussion (All songs except Sunset, Hope Street, & Hawaiian Church)

These songs were recorded on an Otari MX-70, with additional recording on Sci Fi to a Studer A827.

Recorded by Robin Macmillan, Frank LoCrasto, Matt Labozza & Pete Rende in Brooklyn, NY.

Mixed by Pete Rende
Mastered by Nate Wood at Kerseboom Mastering
Vinyl transfer and pressing by Stan Getz at A & R Records, Dallas, TX
Photography by The Apartment
Design by The Apartment

All songs composed and arranged by Frank LoCrasto

Produced by Frank LoCrasto

Dedicated to my Mom, Theresa LoCrasto

Included with the download is a short story written by Dred Scott for the album entitled "Night People".

El Dorado.jpg

El Dorado

by Frank LoCrasto

released March 1, 2011 

Frank LoCrasto - Pianos, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Organs, Synths, Basses, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Claps, Vox. 
Josh Mease - Bass on Marshall & Surf Avenue, Acoustic Guitars on Minkjaw, South Padre, Surf Avenue & Unfashionable Chime. 
Ryan Scott - Electric Guitar & Lap Steel on Simple Times, El Dorado & Surf Avenue. 
Bob Hart - Bass on South Padre. 
Bill Campbell - Drums & Percussion on Minkjaw & South Padre. 

Recorded by Frank LoCrasto, Josh Mease, & Pete Rende 
All songs written & produced by Frank LoCrasto 
Mixed By Pete Rende 
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk 
Mastered for vinyl by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk 
Photography by Samantha Rapp. Design by RAS 

Release by Hundred Pockets Records